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May 12th, 2013

Actually.. there is an update coming. Watch for it! ;-)

August 16th, 2012

(no subject)

If anyone's read my FB page, they would have noted my posting the news of SF great Harry Harrison*'s passing. A friend commented "Wow. Another SF giant star has passed to glowing dwarf.". I replied; "As opposed to Harlan (Ellison) who is merely a glowering dwarf..."

(* author of "Make Room! Make Room!", the basis for the 1973 feature Soylent Green)

June 28th, 2011

(no subject)

Okay; I'm re-reading The Callahan Crosstime Saloon series (The Callahan Chronicles - TOR, 1997), and in "A Voice Is Heard In Ramah", he retcons the date/data/common knowledge of the era. The narrative says it takes place in 1973 , but AIDS is mentioned. I guess he updated it...

April 19th, 2011

(no subject)

So; everyone's whinging about Skynet achieving sentience today.

Well fuck that; the Robinsons have been missing for almost 14 years when Jupiter II disappeared off the 'scopes; that's $30,000,000,000* of your tax dough down the dumper. Suborbital flight 612 ('Spindrift') has been missing since June 23, 1983, though some astronauts have returned with wild tales about a planet - just on the other side of a dimensional rift in a low Earth orbit - that's almost a mirror of ours save everything's 12 times normal size. And the ecology's been going to complete shit since that explosion on the back side of the Moon some 12 years back blew it off into space, leaving us with no tidal influence...

(*quoth Dr Maureen Robinson)

January 30th, 2011

(no subject)

( - for those not subscribed to "Jeanne Robinson's Stardance Experience")

Since Jeanne's passing I promised myself that I would not post again on this blog until I could share some good news. As most of you know, a little over a year ago - with a "faithful as possible to the original" feature screenplay adaptation about half done (ask anyone, the middle of a screenplay is the hardest) and with Jeanne's health failing, Jeanne and I brought famed SF and TV writer David Gerrold in to assist with the completion.

David reviewed everything we had created to that date; the original story, the previous treatments and beat sheets, the IMAX version of the screenplay we had started and abandoned, the 45 or so pages of feature screenplay and our notes, notes, notes. David then made a major change in perspective about one of the characters - a launching point for us to create a brand new treatment - we met every week and argued and refined and developed and ultimately created a completely new, more cinematic vision of Stardance guided by David's mastery of structure. We presented the new treatment to Jeanne on May 19th 2010, and she gave her glowing approval saying "All we have to do now is write the screenplay."

Jeanne passed away 10 days later. At that point I knew the most important thing in my life was to complete that task.

Since David did a lot of the heavy lifting for the treatment, I took on translating it into the screenplay - meeting with David as often as I could, especially when running into walls, until were were again about half way through. There it was again, that dreaded half way point. David and I would make great progress every time we met. I'd show him what I had done, he would edit or make suggestions, and I would be able to move forward a little. But those productive meetings were hard to schedule, both David and I are busy people with more than just this screenplay on our plates. What we needed was some dedicated time.

In December I came upon the answer: we would set aside an entire week in January and fly David to Memphis (away from the distractions of Los Angeles) with only one goal, to sit side by side and FINISH STARDANCE!

So, as Memphis was pummeled with Snow, David arrived for an uninterrupted week of writing and brainstorming and arguing and writing some more - and I'm proud to say that six days and 55 pages later David Gerrold and I finished the screenplay adaptation of Stardance.

That was two weeks ago: We're presently giving it a quick polish before sending it into the Hollywood machine. Wish us luck, you won't hear from us much until we have more real news to share.

I'm not sure how many in fandom know about the Stardance Project, however, I'm sure Spider wouldn't mind the re-posting of the good news.

January 6th, 2011

Happy Thursday, Campers! Time to unleash the first chapter of the book. Questions and comments are always welcome... ;-)

Chapter 1: Eyes Without a FaceCollapse )

January 5th, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a television show that allowed people from off of the street to come in and pitch (that is, submit ideas for stories) for them. It was often a failed effort for most, but a few careers were actually started because of it.

Oh, how I wish more shows would adopt such practices. But I also understand why they don't. I also understand why they stay away from fan forums and fan fiction in general: they don't want to be sued for "stealing" the ideas and concepts developed by the fans who support them.

One show that I would absolutely LOVE to pitch for would be Doctor Who. But sadly, I believe that is a "closed shop," and besides, they already have great writers already putting out some pretty decent work.

Okay, so where does that leave me? Just to simply write fan fiction for the entertainment of myself and a few friends? Or, would it not make more sense to create my own universe and potentially entertain a whole new (or like-minded) audience?

I elect to go for the latter selection. ;-)

Hmmm, now what should I write about? I know... a uniquely different kind of epic story in the tradition of Babylon 5, Star Trek, Firefly, etc. But once completed, it would be a challenge to create awareness of its existence. Have you been to a brick and mortal bookstore lately? The volume of books by new authors are overwhelming! How am *I* going to break through all that competition?

As a student of marketing, the answer is obvious: get some name recognition out there and build a fan base. Heh, easier said than done, but in the current Information Age, it really can be done a whole lot easier (and cheaper).

Hence the creation of a side project: the Infinity Series, an attempt to make my own Doctor Who-like literary opus. When complete, it will be freely distributed, with the hopes of getting that name recognition out there. If anyone wants in on the editiing process in the form of constructive criticism, I happily welcome it.

There is a distinct beginning, middle, and end to the Infinity project. Getting there will be a fun journey to embark upon.


Chapter 1 comes on Thursday. Look for it here, and on my main blog. ;-)

January 2nd, 2011

Gather up to the hearth, folks. It's serial story tellin' time.

Over the next few months, I will introduce you to you some new characters in a familiar setting, all with the hopes of providing you with some decent entertainment, while getting you all comfortable with my writer's voice.

I will cross post this story over at the Beyond Elsewhere Live Journal community, where I will also offer up some writer's commentary in between segments. The intent is to give readers some behind the scenes views of the writing process, as well as answer questions that might logically come up in the course of putting forth this effort.

If all goes well, this will be a twice weekly roll out. Comments are welcome.

And so, without any further yapping, let's get this thing going...

Page of Infinity - Prologue: At Page's EndCollapse )

December 25th, 2010

Guess what? A third D&D based film, "The Book of Vile Darkness" is in the works.

No, really.

It's already filming in Eastern Europe and will be doing some additional filming in Louisiana in 2011. You, gentle reader, even have a snowball's chance in July of being in it!

By the way, a quick check of IMDb indicates that the character Damodar will not appear. Too bad!

Link to WotC Page: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/promotions.aspx
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1733125/
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